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Art & Culture in the Hall

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The City of Oshawa invited artists and groups to submit proposals for temporary exhibitions to be displayed in Oshawa City Hall.

2014/1 Exhibition

Opened May 5, 2014 and the following Artists have their works on display:

2014/2 Exhibition – Opened May 5, 2014.

George Mocanu

Since he could consciously remember himself, George was always creating some sort of art, whether by simply drawing with a pencil or using ink on paper, playing with clay or even putting together bits and parts of electronics resulting in a shape of his vision. When George creates, a ritualistic meditation is happening: with his eyes open, he stares into the unseen dimension of nothingness and, like magic, a soft dark light shows him the alphabet of his next creation. The brush, the chisel and the diamond tip, all, are only one thing: his soul’s extension.

Anne Labelle-Johnson

In her watercolour paintings, Anne emulates the delicacy and gracefulness of the flowers she paints and her brush strokes give vitality to lush gardens and fresh plants. Creatively, Anne brings together two elements of nature which are close to her heart. Her paintings of flowers are colourful and alive, and represent all the joy, hope and promise in life. Her gorgeous flower studies, garden scenes, and landscapes show her mastery of the medium.

The Oshawa Camera Club

The Oshawa Camera Club is proud to be celebrating it’s 75th anniversary, throughout it’s 2013 - 2014 season. Founded in 1938 as the General Motors Camera Club, it is one of the oldest camera clubs in Canada.

The Club has been exhibiting photos since 1940 and, over the years, exhibits progressed from black and white to colour to colour slides.

The Oshawa Camera Club has grown tremendously over the years, as has the photographic excellence of its members.

Heritage Oshawa

Heritage Oshawa has partnered with the Oshawa Community Museum to create the display entitled “Doorways to the Past”. The display includes some of the artifacts (doors, doorknobs, the Pedlar Gate, and foundation stone) salvaged from some of the heritage buildings demolished to make way for the extension of Highway 407 through Oshawa. The display tells the story of the buildings, their occupants and the part that they each played in the development of the City of Oshawa in an area that is fast becoming only a memory of the important rural landscape of the former East Whitby Township.

For inquiries Contact:

Linda Jansma
Chair of the Oshawa Art and History Committee
905-576-3000 ext. 111