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Art & Culture in the Hall

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The City of Oshawa invited artists and groups to submit proposals for temporary exhibitions to be displayed in Oshawa City Hall.

2014/1 Exhibition

Opened January 20, 2014 and the following Artists have their works on display:

Ronald Peter

Working in oils, watercolour, pastels and pen and ink, Ronald portrays culturally interesting, as well as intriguing landscapes and found still images. Many of his subjects were discovered while touring North America by motorcycle, allowing him to absorb the atmosphere and subtle nuances of an area unencumbered and unfiltered by steel and glass. 

Grant Cole

Grant has a clever manipulation of photography, drawing and expressive painting. The “image” has been removed while the story has been left with shape and loose brush work. There is nothing obvious about his work, other than slightly haunting reminder of our ambitions and failures and values.

Adriyanna Zimmermann

Adriyanna’s artwork takes an in-depth look on the historical and cultural factors surrounding place and space, creating a more detailed look on known and unperceived features of various places.  Working mainly with neutral colours (blacks, grays, blues, browns), with the rare occurrence of reds and yellows, the Artist establishes a connection to the raw core of the subject matter.

Heritage Oshawa

Heritage Oshawa has partnered with the Oshawa Community Museum to create the display entitled “Doorways to the Past”. The display includes some of the artifacts (doors, doorknobs, the Pedlar Gate, and foundation stone) salvaged from some of the heritage buildings demolished to make way for the extension of Highway 407 through Oshawa. The display tells the story of the buildings, their occupants and the part that they each played in the development of the City of Oshawa in an area that is fast becoming only a memory of the important rural landscape of the former East Whitby Township.

For inquiries Contact:

Linda Jansma
Chair of the Oshawa Art and History Committee
905-576-3000 ext. 111