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Committees & Boards with Citizen Appointments

Committee of Adjustment

To review and consider minor variances from the provisions of municipal by-laws such as the Zoning By-law, including changes to legal non-conforming uses. More information about the Committee of Adjustment.

Durham Land Division Committee

To consider Land Severance applications as an alternative means of subdividing land to that of formal plan of subdivision. More information about the Durham Land Division Committee.

Heritage Oshawa (MHC)

The function of Heritage Oshawa (MHC) is to advise and assist Council on matters related to heritage conservation of individual buildings of historical and/or architectural significance, and to encourage and promote heritage conservation within the City. Working within the guidelines of the Ontario Heritage Act and the Oshawa Official Plan, Heritage Oshawa advises and assist Council on all matters relating to the preservation of Oshawa’s heritage properties.

Heritage properties include structures, streetscapes, landscapes, natural areas, cemeteries and burial places as well as archaeological sites.

Heritage Oshawa (MHC)  is a group of volunteers from the community with an interest in Oshawa's heritage and its promotion and conservation. More information about Heritage Oshawa.

Livestock Valuers

A Livestock Valuer, appointed for a four year term by Oshawa City Council, is required to investigate the killing or injuring of livestock and/or poultry upon notification by the owner. Upon receipt of a complaint of predation, the Valuer shall investigate the claim and complete an Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program Application. To substantiate a claim, the owner declares the Program Application to be true and accurate.

The Valuer files the Program Application with the City Clerk, with a copy to the owner of the livestock. City Clerk Services forwards the Program Application, along with a Municipal Application, to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee (OAAC) will advise and assist the Corporation of the City of Oshawa including the City’s agencies, boards and commissions in developing and facilitating strategies and actions toward a barrier free Oshawa with a goal to improving the quality of life for those with disabilities. More information about the Oshawa Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Oshawa Airport Advisory Committee

The Airport Advisory Committee (AAC) will advise and assist City Council on matters related to the Oshawa Municipal Airport. More information about the Oshawa Municipal Airport.

Oshawa Central Business District Improvement Area Board of Management

To improve, beautify and maintain lands, buildings and structures in the area owned by the City of Oshawa in the designated Central Business District Improvement Area beyond such improvement, beautification and maintenance as is provided at the expense of the municipality at large, and the promotion of the area as a business or shopping area.

The Central Business District Improvement Area is described as follows:

  • commencing at the intersection of King Street West and McMillan Drive, north along McMillan Drive to Richmond Street West,
  • east along Richmond Street West to Centre Street North,
  • north along Centre Street North to William Street West to Ontario Street,
  • south along Ontario Street to Richmond Street East,
  • east along Richmond Street East to Mary Street,
  • south along Mary Street to Athol Street East,
  • west along Athol Street East to Simcoe Street,
  • south along Simcoe Street to Bagot Street,
  • west along Bagot Street to Centre Street South,
  • north along Centre Street South to King Street West,
  • west to the commencing intersection with McMillan Drive

Safe City Oshawa Partnership

Safe City Oshawa Partnership's function is to work with and mobilize the community to build a safe Oshawa where everyone is free to live, work, learn and play. More information about the Safe City Oshawa Partnership.

Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee (OEAC)

The Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee (OEAC) was established to assist, advise and educate City Council, staff and the community with respect to the protection, enhancement, restoration, management and appreciation of the natural and built environments and to advance Goal B of the Community Strategic Plan. More information about the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee.

Oshawa Harbour Commission

To manage and operate the Port of Oshawa with a high degree of autonomy consistent with National Ports Policy to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the national ports system, the optimum deployment of resources, and co-ordination with other marine activities and air and surface transportation systems.

Oshawa Public Library Board

The Library Board determines and adopts policies to govern operation and programmes of the Library; determines goals of the Library and secures adequate funds to fulfill these goals; understands the Library's programmes and needs of the community in relation to the Library and keeps abreast of standards and Library trends.

Oshawa Town and Gown Committee

The Oshawa Town and Gown Committee structure and role is presently under review and the committee meetings have temporarily been suspended.

It is anticipated that a report pertaining to future direction will be brought forward in 2010.


To impound any horse, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig or other cattle, geese or poultry distrained for unlawfully running at large or for trespassing and doing damage, delivered to him for that purpose; deliver notification to the Clerk and the owner; serve notices of intended sale; shall daily provide the animal with food, water and shelter; and if the animal is not reclaimed, publicly sell the animal.

Property Standards Committee

To administer and enforce the municipality's by-law with respect to standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property.