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Fire Services

Oshawa Fire Services began in 1856 as a volunteer department and has grown to 5 fire stations and over 202 professional firefighters. The purpose of the Oshawa Fire Services is to protect the life and property of its citizens from fire and other public safety hazards through prevention, education, planning, and emergency incident services.

The primary objectives of Oshawa Fire Services are:

  • Aim for the highest professional standards in service delivery and internal management.
  • Develop a comprehensive life and property protection service with continuous review to identify the municipality's changing fire service requirements.
  • Promote the coordinated effort of all staff and resources in the fire service to ensure the effectiveness of our fire and public safety mission.
  • Maintain a comprehensive training program to adequately educate personnel in the latest knowledge and techniques in performing their duties.
  • Develop and maintain good working relations with all federal, provincial, regional and municipal departments, utilities and agencies.
  • Prepare maintenance programs to insure the preparedness of all equipment required in the delivery of fire and public safety.

Further information on:  Fire Services and Emergency Preparedness.

Branch Head: Steve Meringer
Fire Chief
Location: 199 Adelaide Avenue West
Oshawa, Ontario  L1J 7B1
Phone: 905-433-1238
Fax: 905-433-0276