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Municipal Elections

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Candidate Financial Information

All candidates are required to file a financial statement and auditor's report with the City Clerk reflecting the candidate's election campaign finances. An auditor’s report is not required if the total contributions received and total expenses incurred in the election campaign were equal to or less than $10,000. All financial statements and supplementary financial statements filed with the City Clerk are posted below for public viewing.

Financial Statements

Office of Mayor

Cathy D. Clarke

John Gray

John G. Henry

Dale Jodoin

Bill Longworth

Louise V. Parkes

Yogeshkumar Patel

Eve Simson (Did not file a financial statement.)

Office of Regional and City Councillor

John Aker

Trevor K. Bardens

Pauline Beal (Did not file a financial statement.)

Kevin Brady (Did not file a financial statement.)

Robert (Bob) J. Chapman

Brian Clabby (Did not file a financial statement.)

April A. Cullen

Nancy Diamond

Amy England 

Amy England (Supplementary Filing)

Deborah M. Grills

Bill Harris

Brandon J. Harris (Did not file a financial statement.)

Doug Hawkins

Shane W. G. Kelly

Joseph B. Kolodzie

Jeremy N. Large

Robert L. Lutczyk

Tito-Dante Marimpietri

Johnny Milosh

Thomas E. Mitchell

John Neal

John Neal (Supplementary Filing)

Brian C. Nicholson

Nester Pidwerbecki

Bonnie A. Powers-Edgar

Bob Rutherford (Did not file an auditor's report.)

Bruce F. Smith

Dave Spackman

RIchard E. Stark

William J. Steele

Elizabeth Joy Wawrzyniak

Office of City Councillor

Roger Bouma

Jesse M. Cullen

Pierre A. Dupont

Barry L. Dutton

David R. Gilbert

Melissa A. Godley

Mike Kalynko (Did not file a financial statement.)

Danny J. LeBlanc

Tina Mason (Did not file a financial statement.)

George Gus Milosh

Tamara Morahan (Did not file a financial statement.)

Mike Nicholson (Did not file a financial statement.)

Mark P. Paton

Nicholas I. Post

Esrick H. Quintyn

Douglas R. Sanders

Susan L. Shetler

Maryanne Sholdra

Douglas R. Terwillegar

William D. Thurber

Gordon K. Vickers

Bruce Wood

Office of Trustee, Durham District School Board

Michael J. Barrett 

Kathleen Ann Hopper

Angela Huggan

Larry Jacula

Patricia J.Pearce

Steven B. Rockbrune

Susan L. Shetler

Pamela Verhagen

Office of Trustee, Durham Catholic District School Board

Kim Beatty

Rosa B.Calderone

Joseph H. Corey

Theresa Corless   

William J. Fox

Frederick E. G. Jones

Stan Karwowski

Office of Trustee, Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest

Sylvie Landry

Yogen Noyadoo  

Michael Ross

Office of Trustee, Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud

Alphonse W. J. Ainsworth 

André  Barrett

Olga Lambert