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Open Air Burns Prohibited in Oshawa

Before you light your fire pit/bowl this summer, please think again. The City of Oshawa’s Open Air Fire by-law prevents open air burning.

“This by-law helps to ensure the safety of our residents and can prevent possible property damage,” Steve Meringer, Oshawa Fire Chief.

Open air fire is any fire situated outside, whether burned in a container or on the ground not including a barbeque or personal warming device. Campfires, incinerators, fire pits, fire bowls, burn drums, chimeneas, wood fuelled barbeques and outdoor wood fireplaces are all examples of open air burning and are not permitted under the by-law.

Propane and natural gas fuelled appliances such as propane/gas barbecues, fire pits and fire bowls are allowed as long as they are ULC/CSA/Warnock-Hersey approved and are used in accordance with the instructions provided. Also permitted are small ULC/CSA approved charcoal fuelled barbeques.

“Open air burning can create many different problems. Unattended fires can spread to decks or brush, causing property damage and potential injury,” said  Chief Fire Prevention Officer Susan King. “Burning plastics, rubber or other materials that create excessive or toxic smoke conditions are also a concern.”

Permits are available for owners with more than 10 acres of land north of Conlin Road. Restrictions apply with the permit process, such as time of burn – dawn to dusk - and the physical size of the burn.

Individuals found conducting an illegal burn could face administrative municipal penalties or be charged.