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Hillcroft Street Cycling Route

The 1999 City of Oshawa Cycling Network Study outlined a number of proposed on- and off-road cycling facilities. One of the proposed on-street routes recommended is Hillcroft Street as it provides a convenient connection between the Harmony Creek and Oshawa Creek Trails. On October 2, 2006, Council approved the Hillcroft Street route as the first on-street cycling facility in Oshawa and approved a trial of proposed cycling route standards.

Further information on the report and a map showing the proposed route can be found below.

The Hillcroft cycling route will consist of a combination of pavement markings and signs that will create a more comfortable environment for cyclists. White edge lines will be installed on the Hillcroft Street portion that will provide a 1.4m to 1.75m area between the curb and travel portion of the road. Green and white signs will be installed along the entire route. The edge lines on Hillcroft Street will have no impact on the existing parking regulations and may also have a "traffic calming" effect.

Following implementation, staff will be looking for comments from residents and route users on the impacts of this facility.

Contact: George Vidovic
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