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Erosion Control Works On Private Property

The City has approved a cost sharing policy to assist private property owners in correcting creek bank erosion along their property. The policy will only apply where the City determines that upstream development has been a contributing factor.

What is the cost share?

The total cost of the project shall be assessed as 85% City and 15% property owner.

What if I want to petition the City to do the work?

Generally the City will not work on individual properties. Projects are carried out on a reach by reach basis. You should first contact the City to determine the project limits. You will then need to contact all affected property owners to sign a petition for the work. All property owners must agree.

Will I need to contribute anything further than my share of the cost?

If the project is approved, the City will require you to enter into a formal agreement. In addition to costs, the City will require permanent easements for the improvements.

For a full copy of the policy contact Engineering Services.

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