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Roads - Local Improvements

What are "local improvements"?

Road reconstruction in the City of Oshawa is undertaken as a "local improvement"; that is, under the provisions of the Local Improvement Charges, Ontario Reg. 586/06, a portion of the cost is borne by the owners of the abutting properties.

How are local improvement charges established?

The local improvement rate is established at a uniform rate per metre frontage in a fixed rate by-law. It is reviewed on an annual basis factoring in both road reconstruction costs and the projected debenture rate. Generally, the property owner's cost represents less than 25 percent of the total cost, with the remaining 75 percent being paid by the City.

How do I pay?

Local improvements may be paid over a ten-year period with property taxes or, to save interest charges, the full amount may be paid as a "one time only" payment.

What if I want to petition the City to reconstruct my street?

Any property owners wishing to take the initiative in having their street reconstructed may obtain the necessary Local Improvement Form from the City of Oshawa. Providing the completed petition is signed by at least two-thirds of the property owners representing at least half of the value of the lots liable to be specially assessed, the petition will be certified as having been sufficiently signed and referred to City Council for consideration.

Are local improvements a new way of financing road work?

No. As a matter of interest, the City first began utilizing local improvement charges as a means of financing road reconstruction projects in 1898.


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