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Snow Removal

Snow Plow

The City of Oshawa and Region of Durham have a system in place to ensure that your roads are plowed and salted in the most timely and effective manner.

Snow Clearing Activity Reports

Residents can stay informed on snow removal in the city by accessing updates on the Snow Clearing Activity Report - during a winter snowstorm, these reports are issued three times a day:

Property owners in the City of Oshawa must remove snow and ice from municipal sidewalks adjacent to their property by midnight of the first day after the snow has ended.


The Road Operations division proactively applies a salt brine solution to road surfaces prior to an anticipated storm. The salt brine solution forms a bond-breaker between the pavement surface and the snow and ice layer which melts snow more quickly and reduces the chance that ice will form and bond to the road surface.

More information on snow removal:


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