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Oshawa Strategic Plan
Creating Our Sustainable Tomorrow

Picture of the cover of Creating our Sustainable Tomorrow Oshawa Strategic Plan 2013-2018

On October 11, 2012, City Council approved the Oshawa Strategic Plan Creating Our Sustainable Tomorrow. This Plan is a six year plan and the City’s highest level policy document. An executive summary brochure of the Plan is also available.

The designed version of the Plan is accessible. An accessible HTML version of the Plan is also available.

Five Strategic Goals

Creating Our Sustainable Tomorrow identifies five goals that will guide the decisions made by the City and support the development of our community. The goals, to be achieved in accordance with the guiding principles of financial stewardship, are:

  • Economic Prosperity: Ensure economic growth and a sound financial future
  • Social Equity: Ensure an inclusive, healthy and safe community
  • Cultural Vitality: Support arts and culture that engage and inspire
  • Environmental Responsibility: Protect and conserve the natural environment
  • Accountable Leadership: Ensure respect, responsiveness and transparency

To achieve our full potential as a sustainable city the strategic goals guided the development of a community vision and corporate mission, as follows:

This chart lists the five strategic goals in one columns, each goal aligned with the Community Vision in the second columns and the corporate mission in the third column.

Note that the Financial Strategy, referenced in the Oshawa Strategic Plan, is currently underway and will be available once approved by Council.

Monitoring and Reporting

Progress on this Plan will be reported semi-annually. In September, a report card of sustainability indicators that measure progress on each goal will be presented to Council. In January, the Department Business Plans will provide a status update on actions taken to implement this Plan. Both updates will be available on the City’s website.

Should You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions about the Oshawa Strategic Plan, you may:

  • Email
  • Call 905-436-3311 ext. 2298
  • Fax to Helen Break at 905-436-5623
  • Mail to Helen Break, City Manager's Office, City of Oshawa, 50 Centre Street S., 2nd Floor, Oshawa, L1H 3Z7