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Oshawa Waterfront Master Plan

The City of Oshawa is preparing a Master Plan for the Oshawa Waterfront that will consist of a:

  • Waterfront Vision Statement: that articulates the City’s vision for the area;
  • Waterfront Master Plan: that outlines the planned roles and functions of each waterfront precinct and how they should be connected.
  • Harbour Area Plan: that provided a detailed conceptual outline for how this area should be planned, and will include the following:
    • Marina Business Plan and Master Plan
    • Harbour Land Use Plan
    • Harbour Urban Design Concept
    • Role of Port Oshawa
    • Harbour Financial Strategy
    • Harbour Remediation and Natural Environment Plan
    • Preliminary West Wharf Risk Assessment

NOTE: More information on the Oshawa Harbour is available on the City of Oshawa Harbour webpage.

The Study Area is shown shaded on the plan below.

The Study includes a background review, analysis, preparation and evaluation of options. The results of the study process will be incorporated into a detailed Oshawa Waterfront and Harbour Area Master Plan. The Master Plan is being carried out by a consulting team led by the planning firm of Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.


Interested people and businesses are encouraged to participate in the development of the Master Plan. Public Open Houses will be held throughout the process and information provided at these Open Houses is available on this website.

If you would like to obtain further details about the project, provide your comments, or be notified of future open houses, you may contact:

Contact: Warren Munro, Principal Planner
Location: 8th Floor, Rundle Tower, City Hall
50 Centre Street South
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 3Z7


Phone: 905-436-3311 ext 2410
Toll Free: 1-800-667-4292
Fax: 905-436-5699
TTY: 905-436-5627


Project Manager: Elizabeth Howson
Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.
Location: 600 Annette Street
Toronto, Ontario M6S 2C4
Phone: 416-487-4101
Fax: 416-487-5489