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Title:Reminder: Winter changes to on-street parking

Changes to on-street parking are in effect Dec. 1 - Apr. 1 for the winter season. The on-street parking changes help facilitate the City’s snow clearing and salting operations when a winter storm occurs.

  • No parking is permitted on City streets between the hours of 3 am - 6 am, Dec. 1 to Apr. 1, regardless of weather.
  • Vehicles parked in a manner that present an obstacle to snow clearing operations may be tagged and/or towed.
  • Occasional Use Parking Permits exempt vehicles from the general 3-hour and winter 3 am to 6 am regulations only. All other by-laws still apply, including that vehicles cannot be parked so as to interfere with snow clearing activities.

For more information, or to obtain an Occasional Use Parking Permit, contact Service Oshawa at 905-436-3311.

Parking: /mun_res/parking.asp
Occasional Use Permit: /whatsnew.asp?nid=1958